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Aug. 2nd, 2009

 Guitar Hero; Smash Hits looks like it sucks. Just remakes of all the other songs throughout the series, but with all the instruments now, not just guitar/bass.

Who here is excited for the new GH in september, & Rock Band; The Beatles?

I also saw a display for DJ Hero. I might be down for that!

I just bought GH; World Tour used at Gamestop the other day, along with the wireless guitar. I've been using the black wireless from decades ago. I wish the RB guitar would work on GH, it looks a lot cooler.
Anyone here know of someone who customizes guitars? Like airbrushes them or what have you? 

Maybe I'm taking this game to an all new obsession height...hahaha.

Happy playing, all!

Rock Band announces new service

I don't know how many of you were sorely dissappointed with the whole GHTunes service, but Rock Band is announcing their own counter-service. Those of you who are rabid GH/RB nuts like me may appreciate this.

LINK: http://creators.rockband.com/ugc.php

The basic gist is that they are handing over their creative suite so that bands/labels can write their own RB tracks and publish them. Also, in an iTunes fashion, it looks like they will be making it a pay service at some level so that bands can make cash off the XBOX and PSN networks.

As many of you know, user created content tends to be shit, but I am rather excited to see how this works and maybe get in on the ground floor of this!

Warped Tour Pack Vol. 2

So they just released the second edition of the Warped Tour pack for Rock Band. The tracks are : 

I'm kind of disappointed by the selection this week compared to last week, but at least they have one great track (TDWP's "Hey John What's Your Name Again?"). Does anybody know how many Warped Tour packs they have planned? I do think that it is a great idea to release DLC this way - I hope they do something like a series of Coachella packs or Lollapalooza tracks.

Rock Band Warped Tour Pack

Any other crossover Guitar Hero/Rock Band players here?

They just released the first edition of the Warp Tour pack, which im pretty stoked on (minus a few exceptions). Anybody else download this yet?

Here's the tracklist
A Day to Remember “The Downfall of Us All
Bad Religion “21st Century Digital Boy
Chiodos “I didn’t Say I Was Powerful, I said I was a Wizard
Escape the Fate “The Flood
Underoath “Reinventing Your Exit
Maroon 5 "Little of Your Time
Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder
Maroon 5 "Wake Up Call

However, I did find it kinda weird to see that there are 3 Maroon 5 songs that are amongst the likes of Underoath, Chiodos, Bad Religion, etc, but still the rest of the pack is really solid. "I Didn't Say I Was Powerful, I Said I Was A Wizard" in particular is a great selection. Check out this gameplay video of that track here.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Review

I don't know about the rest of you on the community, but Guitar Hero expansions have been a sad and sordid affair. Failed experiments better fitted for coasters than games. So, the million dollar question currently is; Is Guitar Hero: Metallica Game or Lame?

I'd have to say: Game

World Tour left a sour taste in my mouth. Since I compete on guitar hero, I expect challenges and that when I go into a competition that you may see 1 or 2 aced songs... World Tour's difficulty curve was far too low. That being said, Metallica raised the bar back up. I would say it's comparable to III. 50% are gimmies, 20% are challenging, 20% are difficult and 10% are "impossible".

The song list would be a minor weak point. Since it is heavily Metallica (duh) the songs are a bit formulaic. Though the additional songs are, in my opinion, varied enough to make a decent song list. In general, if you're a metal head, this is the setlist for you. Frankly, I though that dedicating the game to Metallica helped rather than hindered, but there's no accounting for taste.

The UI is where I have to make noise though. First, thanks to whoever changed the set style back to song-by-song, rather than set-by-set. Also, I think that the star requirement to advance is far more reasonable than the complete 5-of-5 style. Also, where Areosmith was atrocious with the opening act/main act switch, Metallica is a much smoother shift, and much easier to read. The part I have to complain about is the UI components in gig are tiny. Especially 1v1 mode, it's near impossible to glance at the progress w/o dropping combo. For 4-part band, the UI is just fine, but 1v1 and solo are way too small.

Last nit-pick is that vocals are far to sensitive. You should be able to get decent scores in medium if you can carry a tune... GH:M makes it very hard to keep a combo going.

Overall, like I said at the beginning, this is a decent game worth owning in my opinion. I would not buy as an introduction to the GH franchise (go with II or III), but if you've already got a GH game and are looking for any sort of challenge, go for it.

Favorite add-on tracks

Hey I was wondering what everyone's favorite add-on tracks were? I've been playing this game a lot at my neighbor's lately and I was stoked to see a great live version of "Time Bomb" by the Old 97's included in the alt-country pack. In fact, I blogged about it here

Guitar Hero: Metallica


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Rock band + GHWT = <3?

so i'm going to be getting the new RB2 controllers (drums, guitar, mic) from a friend, and i've heard tell that they are compatible with guitar hero.

so...has anyone tried this? is it true? i've tried the GH drums and they kind of piss me off, but i love the RB drum set - does it mess up the game at all?

i've heard that GH is fun, but i've stayed away because of the cost of the drums and such. what are your opinions?