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Song↓ Artist↓ Ref↓
"Aqualung" Jethro Tull [14]
"Bat Country" Avenged Sevenfold [14]
"Been Caught Stealing" Jane's Addiction [15]
"Black Rain" Soundgarden [16]
"Bleed It Out" Linkin Park [14]
"Bloodlines" Dethklok [15]
"Bodies" Drowning Pool [14]
"Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen [15]
"Chemical Warfare" Slayer [15]
"Children of the Grave" Black Sabbath [15]
"Dance, Dance" Fall Out Boy [14]
"Dancing Through Sunday" AFI [15]
"Fascination Street" Cure The Cure [15]
"Feels Like the First Time" Foreigner [14]
"Fury of the Storm" DragonForce [15]
"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" My Chemical Romance [15]
"If You Want Peace... Prepare for War" Children of Bodom [15]
"Indians" Anthrax [14]
"Interstate Love Song" Stone Temple Pilots [14]
"Love Gun" Kiss [15]
"Modern Day Cowboy" Tesla [17]
"Money for Nothing" Dire Straits [14]
"No Way Back" Foo Fighters [14]
"Paranoid" (Live) Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne [15]
"Pour Some Sugar on Me" (Live) Def Leppard [14][15]
"Psychosocial" Slipknot [14]
"Rock in America (You Can Still) Rock in America" Night Ranger [14]
"Self Esteem" Offspring The Offspring [14]
"Sharp Dressed Man" (Live) ZZ Top [14][15]
"Stray Cat Blues" Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones [14]
"Sudden Death" Megadeth [15]
"The Outsider" Perfect Circle A Perfect Circle [16]
"There's No Secrets This Year" Silversun Pickups [15]
"Tick Tick Boom" Hives The Hives [14]
"Uprising" Muse [15]
"Waidmanns Heil" Rammstein [15]
"What Do I Get?" Buzzcocks [15]
"Wish" Nine Inch Nails


Does anyone know where or how to unlock the Rock-It Fuel Rock Power Challenge in Lego Rock Band. I need 2 challenges and I have no idea how to unlock them? Also how to do I unlock the Transporter venue?

RB Drums

 Is the rock band 1 stock kit worth the buy? Is it durable? I've heard stories of them breaking quickly or malfunctioning. 
Is the rock band kit better than the guitar hero kit?
 Have you guys played Lego Rock Band yet? Did you enjoy it or just download the content & toss it aside? I might give it a rent.

Thoughts on Band Hero?

& the Country Track Pack?

Guitar Hero 5

Just thought I'd post a link to the guitar hero rant over at my blog over here at blog spot. Feel free to give it a read. Comments are always welcome.

Also interested to hear others opinions on the new game.
 Thoughts on GH5?
I like the visuals & different co-player/battle modes. 
Track list is pretty good this time around, not too much of one thing. Can't believe there is no Metallica song, but after their own drop, I can understand why.
I'm so happy to see Brand New, haha!

I'm picking up RB; Beatles today. Hopefully a miniscule-Beatles fan like myself can get into it. Anyone picking up DJ Hero? 

I've finally mastered Hard I think, but Expert still knocks me on my ass. I feel like no matter how hard I practice on the Expert setting, I still suck. My fingers just won't go that fast. 
Anybody played Hit Machine yet? It's a free online guitar hero/rockband styled game that you can play just using your keyboard. Pretty addicting, and for having a limited number of tracks so far, they're pretty diverse (Black Lips, Chromeo, Tokyo Police Club, and Valient Thor are just a few of the artists) which is great. I thought that the 'easy' skill level was harder than Easy on either Guitar Hero or RockBand, so the game was challenging from the start...which was kind of frustrating, kind of cool.

Here's a video of me playing Tokyo Police Club's "Your English Is Good"